Hasta Ballista, Baby! 3.6.1 Practice Run


Organized By: Cor5aire

Race Day

To race the Ballista or defend with the Ballista, that is the question? We posed this to the Twitter community and received 110 votes. Unfortunately the result was exactly 55/55. So we went another way, dodge the Ballista... To add game play to the Support craft we are testing AA traps. Keep an eye out for hidden Ballista’s along this test course route. ALL DIVISIONS. LAST 3RD DAYMAR RALLY COURSE RACE. STARTING 100km’s OUT FROM WOLF POINT. INCLUDES A 50KM HALFWAY MARKER CHECKPOINT ‘THE BETTY’. FOLLOWING RULES FROM 3.1 RULEBOOK U.S SERVER Add Cor5aire as an RSI friend to join the party. UTC Sat, 7th September 2019 at 20:00 invites sent out. Server launch @ 20.30 UTC Official race start Saturday 7th September 2949- 21.15 UTC See you on Daymar


Hasta Ballista, Baby! 3.6.1 Practice Run

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Hasta Ballista, Baby!

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